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Fifth Street Ministerial Staff

A Note from the Pastor

Dear Beloved,
The scriptures tell us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. For some time now due to health and family reasons, Nancy and I have comtemplated stepping out of full-time ministry and prusuing a semi-retirement lufestyle. The time is now right for us to make this decision and I am now announcing that intent to do so effective 1 month from today. Our last Sunday will be May 21 and we will always cherish the time we have had at Fifth Street. We will leave you with our love, prayers, and best wishes as you continue to reach Key West for Jesus.
Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Ozzie Vater April 23, 2017

Deacons of Fifth Street Baptist Church

Name Role Phone Number Picture
Bruce Winegarden Chairman of Deacons 305-797-0014
Will Berlanga Vice Chair 210-875-4448
Dave Parker - 305-834-0612
Vaughn Sommers - 305-432-0464
Jeffrey Matthews Administration 910-548-5948
Ed Boza Deacon Emeritus -
AG Boyer - 305-294-4356
Darold Leto - 305-797-6900

Ministry Leads

Name Ministry
Adam Season Discipleship
Amanda Berlanga Evangelism
Alice Parker Fellowship
Chad Hensom Stewardship
Jerlyn Matthews Sunbeam
Jarrett Woodbury Worship