The Evangelism Ministry exists to lead the congregation into sharing the gospel with our community through included but not limited to the following: information, encouragement, participation and training. They will work with the pastor and other ministry team leaders to align evangelism plans and create evangelistic efforts with the overall goals of the congregation and to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.  They will facilitate the use of and recommend appropriate resources for implementation. They are encouraged to build networks with people and organizations that are concerned with winning the lost to Christ. The mandate for evangelism is found in Proverbs 11: 30 and numerous verses in the New Testament including Matthew 28: 19-20.


New members class.jpg

New Members Class (Connections)

Bible/lesson study for new converts and newly joined men and women who wish to assimilate to Church membership


Sharing the love of Christ through works and support of works.




Concentrated week-long Bible study offered to the community.



Helping the Church carry out the great commission through missions


Mission trip

Growing together as a church body through assisting other churches and ministries in need.

Military Liason

Reaching out to the military community



Puppet Ministry

Reaching out to the children in the community and sharing the Gospel